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Only a decade ago, we could never have imagined how much mobile phones would resemble computers, with advanced graphics and apps which can do many things you would previously need your PC to do. The iPhone (which was the first smartphone on the market) very quickly developed into the iPad, and today you can’t travel far without seeing someone sitting and reading something or playing a game on their iPad. Tablets have simply become a part of everyday life, and this has naturally prompted the casino industry to react by introducing games to this new market.

One of the problems which have occurred with casino games is that most of them have previously used the Flash interface. Due to a spat between Adobe and Apple, it has not been able to access Flash games via the iPad. However, many online casinos have solved this problem via other means and it is not possible to play online blackjack and other casino games for real money via the iPad.

But what are the benefits of playing online blackjack rather than on your PC or laptop? Well, first of all you can take the game with you anywhere you go. If you are waiting in a queue or travelling somewhere, you can easily take your iPad out, open up the blackjack app and start playing. Another advantage is the touch screen, which adds an element of realism to the game. You actually use your hands to play rather than clicking on a mouse. The iPad is preferable to iPhone apps as the screen is much larger, allowing impressive graphics and animation. There are a growing range of apps for the iPad, so it would certainly be advisable to go to the Apple store and look for an online blackjack app for the iPad. There are quite a few already and the number is growing every week.

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Blackjack News

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