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Arnold Snyder is one of the seven first people to be inducted into the incomparably exclusive Blackjack Hall of Fame. When exploring how the members of this club managed to eternalise their names as true blackjack legends, it becomes apparent that each of these players brought something entirely original to the table.

What has Arnold Snyder done for the legacy of the game of blackjack and its players alike? Well, starting out as an ambitious player, Arnold saw a huge gap in the market at a young age. Having realised that no publications on the game were of any interest to him, he decided to create his own gambling periodical that would cover absolutely every aspect of the game to his own tailored wishes.

What became of this is the quarterly Blackjack Forum, which was formed in 1981 and which since has earned itself a cult status of sorts within the gambling community. Not only is it entirely free, but it graces curious players with anything they will ever need to know to succeed at the tables. Whether you are looking for articles, books, discussion forums or just general guidance to get you in the right direction – you have it all here.

In the three decades that have followed, Snyder has managed to excel and make a name for himself as a very successful author. He has written a range of books on the topic, including his particularly highly-regarded work The Big Book of Blackjack. What makes Snyder's works remarkable is that they were the very first works to address how important deck penetration is to a card counter's success at the tables. Deck penetration looks at how far into the deck of cards the dealer deals. Snyder has made a good case for his theory that deck penetration matters far more than what type of system for card counting which the player chooses to employ.

However, Snyder's most historical moment is arguably something that has nothing to do with himself, but rather every other player out there who has or is hoping to make a name for himself. Snyder has taken part in a range of court cases against players. Most notably, he appeared as a witness in the case against Tommy Hyland. Snyder's contribution helped to maintain the rights of blackjack teams by cementing the legality of card counting. Thanks to Snyder, blackjack will remain a game of skill rather than a game of just luck in the United States and Canada. Thanks to Snyder, the battle of fairness against the greed of casinos has been won. It can be argued that this in itself makes Snyder the most important candidate to be entered into the Blackjack Hall of Fame.

Lastly, Snyder has helped to create completely free card counting simulation software that teaches players how to play blackjack and how to greatly increase their chances of winning by applying particular strategies and methods.

In short, the man is a true saviour for novices and advanced players alike. He is a fountain of free knowledge for anyone hoping to make it big at the tables. Without him, the game of blackjack would be nowhere near as entertaining and rewarding as it is today.

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