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The game of blackjack has a great appeal for card players and gamblers from all over the world. Many of which have tried over the years to develop different strategies that will help them beat the casino and earn a lot of money playing blackjack.

Often our professional blackjack players come across websites that publish misguiding or just plain wrong information and suggest strategies that have no basis in mathematical theory and that have not withstood the test of long blackjack playing sessions.

We decided to gather some of these and alert you about their existence. We do so because we believe that every person can become a successful blackjack player, given they are willing to invest a bit of time learning blackjack strategy. We take offense at websites that post inaccurate information and wish to warn you about it.

All our calculations are based on Atlantic City blackjack rules making dealer stand on soft 17, split up to 4 hands, double after split and double any two cards.

Copy the Dealer Strategy – this strategy advises the play to mimic the conditions under which the dealer is playing. For example: hit on 16 or lower, stand on hard 17, etc. The problem is that the dealer never doubles or splits hands and having the player mimic this will give the casino a very high house edge of 5.48% instead of the usual Atlantic City blackjack rules that offer a house edge of 0.43%

Never Bust Strategy – this strategy dictates that no move is made that has the potential of resulting in a bust hand. This means never hitting a hand of hard 12 or higher. When applying this strategy to Atlantic City blackjack rules the house edge jumps from 0.43% to 3.91%.

Dealer hole-card is a ten strategy – this strategy advises you to always assume the dealer hole card is a face card or a 10. Only when the dealer is showing an ace will you play basic strategy as the dealer must take a peek at their hole card and reveal a blackjack if they have it. This strategy makes the usual house edge of Atlantic City blackjack jumps from 0.43% all the way to a staggering 10.03%.

Try not to employ these strategies as they will only backfire and over time you will lose money. Stick to basic blackjack strategy to ensure the casino has the lowest house edge possible for the blackjack variant you are playing.

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