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So many people with great success in life started their path towards their success in early childhood. Bill Zender started his journey towards fame and riches at the tender age of 9. It might only have been a question of competing for pennies with his friends, but he already understood that his future would have something to do with the game of blackjack.

As he got older, he would start sneaking into casinos. When he was old enough, he applied for a job as a blackjack dealer and got it. At the casino, he learned everything about card counting. He also learned everything about basic blackjack strategy.

Zender quickly worked his way up the career ladder and eventually became casino manager at the Aladdin Casino. Blackjack constantly became a bigger and bigger part of his life. He then got to a point where he wanted to know how to beat the casinos. He started looking into various ways of doing this by cheating. He went on a mission to study card counting until he knew it like the back of his hand. Eventually he did.

Not many professional blackjack players can say that they have worked on both sides of the fence. Very few blackjack legends have had experience of working both for and against the casinos. Bill Zender belongs to this small group. It gives him a huge advantage over other players. He has a broad understanding that very few other players ever get to experience.

After a lot of research and studying, Zender was ready to take on the world of blackjack. As soon as he felt confident enough that he could make a living out of playing, he left his job and turned blackjack into his new career. This was definitely a smart move. He made a fortune applying his own selection of strategies.

What is funny about Zender is that he has written several books targeted at both casinos and players. Some books tell casinos how they can detect cheating players. Others tell players how they can count cards and avoid detection.

Zender covers his own favourite strategies in these books. He started with the 'Hi/Lo System' which is great for new players. Later he preferred 'Hi-Opt I' and 'Hi-Opt II' and Snyder's 'Zen Count'. However, in his later years he has chosen to go back to his roots and played using the 'Hi/Lo System' with which he began playing all those years ago.

Nonetheless, Zender strongly believes that different methods work best for different players. He thinks every player should try every strategy to find which they like best. Therefore, he also covers other systems in his book, such as 'Red Seven Count' and the 'Knock Out System'. Zender's books are a great way for the player to discover how to optimize their own playing potential.

More recently Zender decided to leave the game of blackjack behind him as a career and set his sights on making a career as a professional Pai Gow Poker player. He can certainly be described as someone who is always looking for new thrills. Despite this, he will always be remembered as someone who has made a huge contribution to blackjack. He is definitely among the best teachers and authors on blackjack cheating in the entire history of the game.

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