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At the turn of the millennium the Blackjack Hall of Fame was nothing more than an idea that was thrown around in professional blackjack players’ circles. Many professional players and game theorists believed it was about time that the greatest minds of the game receive international recognition of their greatness.

Finally in 2002 Max Rubin, the famed author and gambling commentator, managed to convince the Barona Casino Resort in San Diego, California, to establish a small blackjack museum that will celebrate and help commemorate all those who have contributed greatly to the development, understanding and popularity of the game.

The Barona Casino Resort agreed in exchange for a guarantee that none of the players honored would ever attempt to play at Barona’s tables. The first group of the Blackjack Hall of Fame inductees was finally agreed upon in the 2003 Blackjack Ball hosted by Max Rubin and in 2004 the Blackjack Museum displaying blackjack paraphernalia and old-fashioned cheating devices opened, together with a special commemorative wall showing pictures of members of the Blackjack Hall of Fame and a description of their contribution to blackjack.


Arnold Snyder – Blackjack theorist and writer that had great success at the tables as a gambling professional. He wrote more than 10 gambling books and hundreds of articles.

Edward O. Thorp – Mathematics professor, hedge fund manager and blackjack theorist and player. The first to prove that card counting in blackjack works.

Al Francesco – one of the original inventors of the ‘blackjack teams’ concept that has been running successful blackjack teams since the 1970’s.

Peter Griffin - Mathematician who researched blackjack and the author of The Theory of Blackjack: The Complete Card Counter’s Guide to the Casino Game of 21.

Tommy Hyland – A successful player who is revered as one of the best blackjack team owners and managers in the world.

Ken Uston – Yale University and Harvard University graduate who joined Al Francesco’s card counting team but then ventured on his own. He is the author of many gambling manuals including his bestselling book The Big Player.

Stanford Wong – Stanford University graduate and successful blackjack player. The author of the famous book Professional Blackjack. Was born as John Ferguson but used Stanford Wong as his pen name.


Max Rubin – A gambling expert and author. He is a popular analyst and commentator for television and works as a consultant for many big casino resorts, providing them with tools to better detect card cheaters.

Keith Taft – Was an inventor and manufacturer of gaming equipment and small computer devices to aid gamblers while they play.


Julian Braun – An IBM computer programmer and mathematician who developed some of the best blackjack systems for counting cards.

Lawrence Revere – A professional gambler and mathematician who worked in the casino industry for years. He was the author of Playing blackjack as a Business and was banned from every Nevada casino and used to teach other players his methods.


James Grosjean – Mathematician and professional blackjack player who continues to play today by using disguises to avoid detection. He is famed for successful lawsuits against casinos that barred him.


John Change – A team manager of the MIT Team. He continues to play blackjack today using disguises to avoid detection by casinos as he is barred from most of them.


The Four Horsemen of Aberdeen – Four men who met in the 1950’s while serving in the US army. They researched and developed blackjack theory. They published their findings in the Journal of the American Statistical Association in 1956 and the following year they published the book Playing Blackjack to Win: A New Strategy for the Game of 21.


Richard Munchkin – Professional blackjack player in teams and tournaments and the author of Gambling Wizards. He is a popular commentator on gambling with numerous TV appearances who also had a successful career as a Hollywood director from 1980’s through the 1990’s.


Darryl Purpose – One of the world’s greatest professional players who left the game to pursue a career in folk music. Back when he was playing he was considered the fastest card counter in Las Vegas and Atlantic City. He played for the Ken Uston team and several other successful card counting teams.


Zeljko Ranogajec – A professional gambler who focuses on advantage gambling games. He will play any game where the player can gain an advantage and is considered one of the best blackjack players in the world. He is banned from most casinos in Australia and the USA, and is rumored to have earned billions from advantage gambling.

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