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There are many qualities that set human beings apart from animals. People invent things, pave roads and build buildings, travel to remote locations and constantly search for ways of advancing humanity forward.

People are conscious and aware creatures with advanced communications skills that contribute greatly to our sense of community and to our ability to function as members of society. We like to create groups based on similar interests and we enjoy rewarding and celebrating successful members of a group.

Therefore it is no surprise that in the last decade blackjack players from all over the world decided to create The Blackjack Hall of Fame in celebration of the best blackjack players in the world and other individuals that contributed greatly to game analysis and strategy, and helped increase the popularity of blackjack.


Back in 2002 Max Rubin, a successful blackjack player and commentator, managed to convince the Barona Casino in San Diego, California to find a way to celebrate the amazing journey that the game of blackjack had from inception to worldwide popularity.

Barona Casino created a blackjack museum that displays special blackjack cheating devices from different eras of the game and a lot of blackjack paraphernalia.

In addition the top 21 blackjack authors, blackjack experts and blackjack players, past and present, were nominated to enter the newly formed Blackjack Hall of Fame. Internet players were asked to vote on their top nominees.

Prior to the establishment of the Blackjack Hall of Fame Max Rubin agreed with the Barona Casino that each new inducted member will get their picture hung in the blackjack museum with a few short words describing their blackjack-related achievements.

In addition each new member will receive a lifetime complimentary service from Barona Casino that will include a free room, food and drinks whenever they visit the casino resort. In exchange the members had to agree to never play at Barona’s tables.

The Blackjack Ball

The Blackjack Ball was organized by Max Rubin in January 2003 and hosted by him. The event was open only to a select group of blackjack experts and professional players.

This selected group took part in the primary part of the voting during the Blackjack Ball and seven members that received the highest number of votes were announced as Blackjack Hall of Fame inductees.

In the Blackjack Ball of 2004 another list of honorary members of the blackjack community was suggested as potential Blackjack Hall of Fame members and put to a public vote. The primary voting was again done by the attendees of the Blackjack Ball and at the end of it two new inductees into the Blackjack Hall of Fame were announced.

The same repeated itself in 2005 but by 2006 nominations of the Blackjack Hall of Fame candidates were done solely by those who have already become members of the Blackjack Hall of Fame. Members agreed that from that year on, only one new member will be inducted each year.

However that did not go to plan as in 2007 it was suggested to induct 4 new members, however as those members were all part of the same group that made a joint contribution to the game of blackjack, they were inducted into the Blackjack Hall of Fame as a group thus maintaining the ‘1 inductee per year’ policy.

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