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Late surrender refers to blackjack games that offer the rule of late surrender as an option that is available to the player while they play blackjack. It is offered in some type of blackjack games played in land casinos and in online casinos where it is often referred to as “Blackjack Surrender”.

What is Surrendering in Blackjack?

When you play blackjack and get a hand that is not to your liking you are given the option to surrender your hand and lose only half of your original bet. The opportunity to surrender your hand lowers the house edge when compared to a blackjack game of the same rules but without the surrender option.

Different Types of Surrender

There are two types of surrender; early surrender and late surrender. The two types of surrender offer the same option but with one crucial variation:

Early surrender – allows you to give up half of your bet no matter what hand the dealer is holding, even if the dealer is holding a natural blackjack. Early surrender games are less common.

Late surrender – does not allow you to surrender if the dealer has a natural blackjack and you will end up losing your entire bet. Late surrender games are more common and blackjack games that offer surrender usually offer late surrender.

Surrender at Land Casinos

Blackjack games that offer surrender are not that obvious to identify. Unlike other blackjack rule variations the surrender rule is not painted on the blackjack table. Often you will need to ask the dealer if the game offers surrender and if so which type of surrender.

When you play blackjack at a land casino you need to surrender using a special hand gesture so that the casino surveillance cameras can catch you surrendering and the dealer does not get in trouble with the casino owners for giving you half your bet back.

When you decide to surrender you should say to the dealer “surrender” and place your index finger and move it along the table in a horizontal line as if you are drawing a line in the sand. It’s important to indicate verbally that you want to surrender so that the dealer doesn’t mistakenly interpret the beginning of your hand signal as the hand signal for “hit” (get another card).

Surrender at Online Casinos

When you play at online casinos you do not communicate with a dealer. The game is controlled by a software that uses a Random Numbers Generator (RNG) to shuffle and deal cards.

Because you are playing against a computer software there is no use for hand signals or verbal commands. Depending on the online casino you play at, you will see buttons at the bottom or the side of the table. There will be a surrender button that will be available for clicking when surrender is allowed.

Blackjack Surrender Strategy

You should not surrender often in fact there are only three situations when surrender is recommended:

  • You have a hand total of 15 and the dealer is showing an Ace or a 10-valued card
  • You have a hand total of 16 (including 8, 8) and the dealer is showing a 9, Ace or 10-valued card
  • You have a hand total of 17 and the dealer is showing an Ace
Under any other circumstances surrendering is not advised and you will be smart to continue playing under basic blackjack strategy guidelines.

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