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One needs to be competitive to succeed in life. Bryce Carlson will definitely back this statement up. Bryce Carlson was a very competitive man right from the start. People told him that beating casinos by using certain strategies was impossible. Carlson was determined to prove them wrong and so he did.

Bryce Carlson played his first game of blackjack nearly 40 years ago. He mastered the game by exchanging tips with some of blackjack's most important names. He met Revere, Wong, Uston, Griffin, Snyder and Schlesinger to talk about blackjack. They traded their tips, knowledge and experience. The information Carlson got from these other players was invaluable.

With time, Carlson became an expert at all aspects of the game. He became a master at counting cards and an expert at disguising himself. He perfected the skill of playing in teams. A lot of his knowledge also came from books by all other great blackjack professionals. As with a lot of blackjack legends, Carlson learned a lot by reading Thorp's 'Beat the Dealer'. He also found Uston's 'Million Dollar Blackjack' very helpful. He made sure he did not miss a single topic on the game.

In addition Carlson had an advantage over many other professional blackjack players. He had experience with online casinos which in the gambling world is very important as online casinos are fast becoming the main gambling market in the world. Carlson is at an advantage over many other professional blackjack players as he played blackjack at online casinos from the start and has gathered much experience playing on software-based blackjack games and live-dealer games.

Nowadays Carlson is unable to play at online casinos under his real name because he gets harassed by amateur players seeking his guidance and interrupting him from playing.

Although while playing Carlson hides from amateur players, he did not neglect them and ended up taking all his knowledge and experience and turning it into a bestselling book 'Blackjack for Blood' which is ideal for beginners. It was written with beginners in mind and has been put together in a logical order. From cover to cover, it gets increasingly complicated. More advanced players can skip to the middle of the book and learn new things.

In this book, Carlson discusses what has worked best for him. He explains which strategies made him successful. He prefers the system 'Advanced Omega II' for card counting. He has also created computer software that he has named 'Omega II Blackjack Machine'. This has the purpose of counting cards. This software has been very useful for Carlson when it comes to card counting.

Carlson's book is considered very important to the history of blackjack. Some would even say that it is the single most important work on the subject to them. Carlson is also considered to be one of the best players in the world.

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