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Most successful and famous professional blackjack players seem to have three things in common; firstly they often have some kind of background in mathematics. Secondly, they often discover blackjack accidently and without the intention of becoming a professional blackjack player. Thirdly, they turned to writing in order to share their success stories and their knowledge.

Don Schlesinger is no exception. He studied and taught mathematics and French and later became an executive director at a Wall Street investment bank. In 1975 he visited Las Vegas and, obviously, his mathematical background made him very interested in the idea that he could master the game of blackjack using mathematical strategies and he became determined to learn how to beat the game.

In 1976 he started studying blackjack. His book of choice was Revere’s ‘Playing Blackjack as a Business’. From that point on Schlesinger focused all his efforts on card counting and this dedication is what helped turn him into a blackjack legend.

Some might say that Schlesinger got hooked on the game because he made it into his new favourite hobby and set out to learn everything he could about it. After a lot of research Schlesinger perfected his knowledge of all areas relating to blackjack. Schlesinger learned how to camouflage himself to avoid detection, he learned team play, optimal betting, and card counting and risk analysis.

Over the years Schlesinger has worked with some of the greatest blackjack players in the world. He has collaborated with Stanford Wong, Arnold Snyder, Edward O. Thorp and Peter Griffin.

There was however one aspect that set Schlesinger apart from other players; he was more of a teacher than a player. He loved researching blackjack and then passing his knowledge on to others. His love of blackjack came after his love of French and mathematics. He was more passionate about helping others and learning rather than making a profit for himself.

Early in his blackjack career Schlesinger would get letters with questions from amateur players. Later on advances in technology allowed Schlesinger to reach a wider audience by using internet forums to correspond with these players.

Schlesinger's dedication to teaching new blackjack players is especially important considering that the internet is becoming very influential and many new blackjack players play the game at online casinos. These new players might live in locations where there are no land casinos and online blackjack might be their first encounter with the game. Schlesinger's advice and teaching is an instrumental tool in helping these players.

Eventually Schlesinger, like many other successful professional blackjack players, took his knowledge and shared it with the world in the form of a book. He wrote ‘Blackjack Attack: Playing the Pro’s Way’. This book analyzes blackjack from a mathematical perspective. It discusses card counting, blackjack strategy, team play, optimal betting, risk analysis and a range of other subjects. The book is considered to be one of the most important books available on blackjack.

Schlesinger still writes and teaches. He has written countless articles about blackjack and regularly communicates his knowledge through Victor Nacht’s site about advantage playing.

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