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Playing blackjack provides you with several moves you are able to make after the initial deal. You can opt to make those moves or not. This is a privilege only you have, while the dealer has to adhere to a fixed set of rules telling them what they can or cannot do.

One of the best moves available to blackjack players is the action of doubling down. To double down means to increase your original wager for the current blackjack hand you are playing by at least 100% and draw only one more card in order to complete your hand.

The decision to double down can be made only be made by the player as a first move after the initial two cards are dealt. For example you are playing either single deck or multiple deck blackjack and were dealt 6 and 5 so your total hand value is 11, against the dealer’s up-card of 4. In this case the smart doubling down strategy will be to double down as you are in an advantageous have over 30% chance to draw a ten valued card thus reaching a total hand value of 21.

In order for you to have a successful blackjack playing session it is vital that you apply the correct doubling down strategy. To make things easier here is a sum up for blackjack doubling down strategy. We suggest you memorize and follow it when you play in order to optimize your chances of winning.

Single deck total hand value of 11 – double down against any card the dealer is showing.

Multi-deck total hand value of 11 – double down against any card the dealer is showing except when the dealer is showing an ace.

Total hand value of 10 – double down against dealer cards 2 to 9 in both single and multi-deck games.

Total hand value of 9 – double down against dealer cards 3 to 6 in multi-deck games and 2 to 6 in single deck games.

Total hand value of 8 – never double in multi-deck games. In single deck only double against dealer 5 or 6 cards.

Make sure to check if the casino you are playing or the blackjack variant you are playing allows doubling down on soft hands. If so double down on soft 11 same as on hard 11. If it is not permitted you should hit.

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