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There are very few blackjack players that deserve to be called ‘blackjack legends’. However not many of them can brag about having over four decades of experience in blackjack. Henry Tamburin is one of the few players that can truly boast about knowing absolutely everything there is to know about the game.

Henry Tamburin first discovered blackjack when he was a graduate student. In 1968 was talked into taking a trip to Las Vegas with his wife and friends. Tamburin sat at the blackjack tables while his wife was checking them into the hotel. In fact this was the first time Tamburin ever played blackjack.

Tamburin’s interest in blackjack was first triggered by the fact that he realized that winning is made possible when a player possesses the right skills and understands blackjack strategy. Unfortunately for his wife, Tamburin was overly excited by his discovery and he managed to use up all the money they brought with them for the trip before his wife even had a chance to check them into the hotel.

Surprisingly Tamburin was not frustrated by his big loss, rather he was motivated to play more and make back the money he had lost. He was determined to do as much research as possible and to give the game another try after he became a bit more knowledgeable about the game.

Tamburin’s academic studies proved to be a great help when it came to learning about blackjack. His knowledge of complicated mathematics made it easy for him. He quickly got the hang of card counting and basic blackjack strategy.

Later on he looked for interesting ways to expand his knowledge of the game. He traveled to gaming festivals and he exchanged tips with other blackjack professionals such as Stanford Wong and Frank Scoblete.

Eventually Tamburin mastered the game and started to win more and more consistently. Eventually he was able to use his skills to amass a small fortune which more than made up for that initial loss in Las Vegas in 1968.

Later on he followed in the footsteps of many other successful professional blackjack players by putting all his knowledge and experience into a book: ‘Blackjack: Take the Money and Run’ which proved to be an instant success.

Tamburin’s book is now considered one of the most important books on the game. It explains how to best manage your blackjack bankroll, basic blackjack strategy, side betting and detailed information about more advanced strategies, together with detailed accounts of how to effectively count cards.

The book is ideal for anyone considering turning blackjack into a career. Tamburin gives advice on where to start in order to get to the top. However, the book is also great for beginners as it starts with the basics.

Tamburin’s personal favourite blackjack strategy is the ‘Knock Out’ strategy, also known as the ‘K-O unbalanced card-counting system’, and his book focuses heavily on it.

Nowadays, Tamburin’s life is still devoted to the game. Players visiting Las Vegas casinos can often come across him around the blackjack tables as he is one of the most active pros out there.

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