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Only a very small amount of people have made a large enough contribution to the world of blackjack to have made it into the Blackjack Hall of Fame. What is remarkable about James Grosjean in this context is his age. He is the youngest of all of the members who have been inducted into this exclusive club.

In life there is a first time for everything. James Grosjean first played blackjack at a young age, sparking an interest which only grew with the years. He first took up the game professionally during his studies at the University of Chicago, and he first gained an interest in advantage play during a night out at the casinos.

As a graduate student in the mathematics department he made his first connection to his future success whilst observing a dealer at one of these casinos. Grosjean became curious about calculating the advantage whilst observing the dealer very clumsily handling the hole card (which the dealer accidentally revealed).

He had the brilliant idea that he could use his extensive knowledge of mathematics to work out exactly what the dealer's hole card might be. He began to do extensive research on the subject and documented his findings on both strategy and card counting. He later wrote about both in his first book.

Grosjean's first book 'Beyond Counting: Exploiting Casino Games from Blackjack to Video Poker' was published in 2000. It takes a mathematical approach whilst covering a range of blackjack systems and casino games. It also emphasises how beneficial partner play can be and delves into the subjects of cheating, card counting theories, shuffle tracking, dealing and advantage playing.

The book was of great value to blackjack players around the world. It is a very expensive book and the fact that many people are willing to pay up to $2,000 for it only goes to show that Grosjean's findings are gold!

However, there is far more to the story than just that. What exactly makes Grosjean such a legend and so highly admired in the blackjack community? Perhaps his most remarkable achievement involves the courts. He sued Imperial Palace (whose security guards physically assaulted him), winning a total of $399,000.

He is also currently awaiting the outcome of lawsuits against Caesar's Palace (whose security guards arrested and kept him against his will for five days) and four agents of the Nevada Gaming Control Board.

Grosjean also single-handedly brought down the Griffin Agency, which had been keeping track of cheaters, criminals and advantage players for the casino industry, often in violation of privacy laws. He filed a defamation lawsuit against this security consulting group in the year 2005.

Grosjean claimed the agency did not distinguish between card counters or advantage players and criminals. Michael Russo and Grosjean pocketed $45,659 in damages after having been mistreated by casinos that barred them with false accusations of cheating.

Funnily enough, the Griffin Agency went bankrupt as a result of the lawsuit. Luckily for Grosjean, this means that he no longer has to wear clever disguises to gain entry to the casinos!

Grosjean is still an avid blackjack player and we would all probably hear a lot more about him in the future.

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