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It seems that all blackjack players have found a way of sharing their thoughts of the game and experience with the world. Most have done so in the form of a book. John May is no exception. Following years of traveling around the world, hopping from casino to casino and visiting every casino from Macau in Asia to Monte Carlo in Europe, he turned his knowledge and experience into a worldwide bestseller.

However before he became the esteemed author of ‘Get the Edge at Blackjack’ he was just another Irish guy that got into blackjack after reading a book about the game. Unlike most professional blackjack players, his first book was not Edward O. Thorp’s ‘Beat the Dealer’.

The book that made May change his path in life was actually ‘The Money-Spinners’ by Jacques Black. This book describes how to take advantage of the casinos and win. Jacques Black was an expert in probability theory and a successful casino player who managed to get himself banned from most casinos in London.

May was impressed by Black’s book after discovering it accidently while killing time at a library in Belfast. He read through it and instantly became fascinated by the game. From that moment on May’s life changed forever.

May started playing blackjack and developed ideas about blackjack strategy and card counting. His approach to blackjack was unique and he developed his own strategy that was based on advantage play.

His approach contradicted that of most professional blackjack players that deployed card counting techniques and basic blackjack strategy. May by contrast focused on card steering, card sequencing, cover and camouflage.

According to May the techniques he used together with other forms of advantage play are the keys to successful and profitable blackjack play and he covered all these ideas in ‘Get the Edge at Blackjack’ which makes a great book for beginners as it sets out all the basic concepts and prepares players for more serious books with a strong focus on mathematics.

In addition the book is ideal for beginners as it explains the rules of the game and basic strategy, together with explaining card counting techniques. Furthermore it offers readers the chance to learn about ‘stacker play’, ‘glim play’ and ‘hole card play’. May also shares his ideas on shuffle machines and progression betting.

Another thing that sets May and his book apart from others is that unlike most professional blackjack players, May is a big fan of online casinos. Most blackjack professionals do not play at online casinos due to the fact that the casino software shuffles all the decks after each round of play. However May is able to explain how to play blackjack effectively at online casinos.

May’s insights into playing online are very important to the new generation of players as nowadays there are more online casinos than land-based casinos.

The advancements in technology have also introduced us to the wonders of Live Dealer blackjack which combines real blackjack play handled by professional dealers that is streamed live to players’ computers.

The popularity of live-dealer games is constantly on the rise and a new generation of blackjack players is able to learn from John May a great deal as to how to use their blackjack skills and make money at the casino, be it a real or virtual one.

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