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Ken Einiger is relatively new to the group of players whom can be considered as blackjack legends. In 2005, he won the title of 'Blackjack World Champion', beating the legendary and influential Stanford Wong and Rick Jensen to the goal. Considering these men's remarkable contributions to the game and fool-proof expertise, this seems nothing short of a miracle.

How did Einiger get to where he is today? Well, Einiger first discovered the game of blackjack in his early years, but it started out as a hobby with the purpose of having a little fun rather than something serious.

In the early 90s, this hobby developed into a career. The most notable date in his history is December 1991, at which point Einiger ended up in the 5th place of a blackjack tournament which took place at the Riviera Casino.

Encouraged by his success, Einiger became determined to learn as much as possible about the game of blackjack. He read up on a range of strategies and other subjects to perfect his game skills, and this was clearly reflected in his increasing success. This kept Einiger busy for the coming decade.

The really big changes in Einiger's life came 12 years later. He moved to Las Vegas in 2003, at which point he made the game of blackjack his full-time profession. His decade of practice and experience really paid off, as he won tournament after tournament. Between 2004 and 2005, Einiger won a total of four tournaments, resulting in him being crowned 'Blackjack World Champion' in the World Series of Blackjack.

However, budding players may be far more interested in what Einiger did to get to where he is today than his history. Anybody who has read up on the biggest names in blackjack will tell you that each of them had their own tactics and strategies. Einiger is no exception to this rule. He has admitted that his strategy revolves around placing small bets at the beginning of each game, and betting more and more during the course of the game. His decisions are also largely based on how many chips the other players at the table have.

Clearly, there is a lot more to his success than just that. Einiger has never attempted to keep his tactics a secret, and has jotted down all of his ideas and experience into the very successful book 'Play to Win'. The book focuses on blackjack tournaments and instructs players on where they can find the best tournaments, whether their chosen tournaments are suitable for their particular needs, how they should register for these tournaments and so on. Anybody who can afford it can also get personal tuition from Einiger. He personally trains students in different parts of the country.

Despite all of this, Einiger puts a lot of his success down to luck. Although strategy and tactics account for a lot, he personally thinks that tremendous luck has been a factor in his steps to stardom and acclaim. One has to admire his honesty and humbleness!

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