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Every blackjack legend has a unique story. The story of how they first got into gambling. The story of why blackjack became the game they were most passionate about. The story of what inspired them to change path in life. Naturally, Kevin Blackwood follows this pattern. He also has his own unique story.

Most blackjack legends were inspired by a book. 'Beat the Dealer' by Edward O. Thorp has inspired a huge amount of our favourite blackjack professionals. For Kevin Blackwood, this isn't too far from the truth. His inspiration came in the form of an article in Sports Illustrated Magazine.

The article was about the famous and admired blackjack expert Ken Uston. Blackwood was fascinated by so many aspects of this story. How Ken Uston first learned how to count cards and how he learned to beat the dealer at casinos.

Suddenly, Blackwood had a great desire to get into blackjack himself. He decided to read as much as possible about the subject. He collected books by Ken Uston, Lawrence Revere and Stanford Wong. He then studied them in detail until he knew them well enough to start playing seriously.

Blackwood started playing professionally and blackjack became his new career. He did not win all of the time. He lost sometimes. However, he won more often than he lost which meant that he earned everything he needed to support himself, and a little on top of this to live a very comfortable life.

This may all sound very easy. However, Blackwood claims it is not the case and he had to put more effort into card counting than anything else in his entire life. They say that nothing comes for free and this is certainly proof of that. Blackwood did not know how influential he would become in the future.

Blackwood took all his experience and ideas and put them down in writing. His first book was called 'Play Blackjack Like the Pros'. The book reveals insider secrets. It gives tips on how to play blackjack well. It covers a few myths about blackjack. It tells players how to manage their money. It explains strategies and the basic rules of the game. The book is great for beginners and advanced players alike. It covers all levels of play. Anyone can learn something from this book.

Out of all card counting techniques, Blackwood liked Hi-Opt II the most. This is the more advanced form of Hi-Opt I. Beginners should always start with simple card counting methods. However, Blackwood has explained that he thinks success lies in advanced strategies. He thinks players should move up the ladder quickly. Once they play at a complex level, players can begin to hope for bigger success and more winnings.

Blackwood's book was just the beginning of his career as an author. Today he continues to deliver his thoughts on the subject of blackjack. His books offer something for everybody and beginners may choose to begin with 'Casino Gambling for Dummies'.

Blackwood still plays blackjack. However, his job as an author is now more important to him than actually playing. Therefore, writing is now his main focus.

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