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Every blackjack legend has his or hers own remarkable story. The funny thing is that most of these legends ended up playing blackjack and consequently making it big by a fluke. Lance Humble is no exception to this rule.

Humble's first encounter with the game of blackjack was made at the time he was teaching at Gambling York University (and teaching is yet another matter that a considerable number of blackjack legends had in common before finding their call in life).

The course he taught was called 'Aspects of Gambling' and was primarily focused on horse racing. His focus shifted to casino games in general when he found himself faced with curious and inquisitive students who wanted to learn how to become a gambling champion. This set Humble on a path of rigorous research about how to best master the art of playing blackjack.

Humble's starting point was (as has been the case with a large number of legendary blackjack players) Thorp's critically acclaimed work 'Beat the Dealer'. After he got to know this book like the back of his hand he delved into a range of other works and ended up perfecting the 'Dubner Point Count' and basic blackjack strategy.

During his first trip to Las Vegas, he quickly realised that he had a gift for the game. The small profit he made on this first encounter with the casinos cemented his future as a blackjack legend.

Shortly afterwards, Humble became a dedicated student of Lawrence Revere, the man behind the highly regarded book 'Playing Blackjack as a Business'. Humble set out to learn as much as possible about the game of blackjack. He worked his way through the works, ideas and theories of Stanford Wong, Ian Anderson, Arnold Snyder, Barry Meadow and Donald Schlesinger.

Eventually, Humble was able to give something of his own to the blackjack community. He created his own card counting systems with the help of Julian Braun, namely 'Hi-Opt I' (a simple strategy for beginners) and 'Hi-Opt II' (a far more advanced system for more advanced and experienced players).

All of these ideas have been explained in Humble's own book, titled 'The World's Greatest Blackjack Book'. This book not only teaches readers how to make a profit by using his ingenious strategies, but also educates them on a range of other topics.

The book provides great insight and advice on topics such as setting an appropriate bankroll, choosing the right casino, choosing the right blackjack table, choosing the right seat, how to interact with dealers at casinos, how to talk to the pit boss at casinos and how to leave the casino in an urgent situation where you need to get out as soon as possible. Perhaps the most important thing to take from this book is the fact that it gives very elaborate information on how the player can avoid cheaters or being cheated.

However, if you decide to embark on a quest of exploring this book, you better read all of it! Humble warns readers that they might end up losing money instead of winning it if they don't read the whole thing. This is because every section of the book is essential and interconnected to the rest of it and failing to complete it may cause gaps in your casino gambling education.

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