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Every legend is unique and special in his or her own right. What made Lawrence Revere so unique among other professional blackjack players is the fact that he had extensive experience of both playing against casinos and playing for them. He was one of a small group people whom had the benefit of inside knowledge about all of the aspects of the industry, and clearly this helped him to get very far in life.

Born in Iowa as Griffith K. Owens, Revere had his first try at a card came at the age of thirteen in the back room of a barber shop. An instant passion was formed. Coupled with the skills he gained whilst studying toward at degree in mathematics at the University of Nebraska, Revere set out to develop blackjack strategies which would change the world of blackjack forever.

Together with Julian Braun, Revere developed a range of card counting strategies which have stood the test of time (even though some of them are not considered necessary as they are overly complex when compared to what else is available today), such as 'The Ten Count Strategy'. Some of these strategies have even been named after Revere, such as 'The Revere Point Count', 'The Revere Five Count Strategy' and 'The Revere Plus-Minus Strategy'.

All these card counting techniques are outlined in Revere's acclaimed work 'Playing Blackjack as a Business'. This book has come off the shelves like milk and butter despite initially being incredibly visually unappealing. It even holds the record as the best-selling strategy book about blackjack of all time. Luckily for Revere, founder of the Las Vegas Gamblers Book Club (John Luckman), convinced Revere to protect his work by copyrighting the text in 1969, one whole year after it was first published.

The book was an update and improvement on everything that was known about strategies at the time. He showed how the methods that already existed could be developed to guarantee far greater success at the blackjack tables. He also personally taught students about the content of the book. Considering his status, his rates were relatively low. It's safe to say that Revere was a very generous man.

However, this really only reflects one aspect of Revere's history. Aside from being a hugely successful professional blackjack player, Revere has taken the part of casino pit boss, casino owner, troubleshooter and dealer. Collectively, his experience within the gambling industry comes to a staggering 28 years. This certainly spices things up as he has been an adviser for both armies. It also goes to show what a guru Revere was when it came to the casino industry. He was familiar with absolutely every crevice of the world of blackjack. Who could possibly be a better teacher or adviser on the subject of blackjack?

His expertise in all areas of blackjack, including shuffle tracking and hole card play, made him a huge celebrity. Naturally, he was barred from most casinos. To get past this problem, he paid particular attention to disguising himself with various clever outfits. He even used a range of made-up names. He has also been known as 'Eugene Griffin', 'Leonard Parsons' and 'Paul Mann'.

In April of 1977, Revere died of liver and lung cancer. Three and a half decades later, the man is still remembered for his huge contribution to blackjack, which has touched the lives of millions of blackjack enthusiasts.

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