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Max Rubin is somewhat of a prophet for blackjack players around the globe. Why? Well, whereas other legends have taught players how to get rich by using strategies and tactics like card counting, Max Rubin has taught players how to get rich by playing without any requirement for any particular strategy at all.

Max Rubin has been actively engaged in the exciting world of gambling for 35 years, and during this period he has managed to eternally carve his name into the history of blackjack. Only 12 players have been honored with a place in the Blackjack Hall of Fame, and Max Rubin is one of them.

What makes the man such a legend? His most notable work is arguably his book Comp City: A Guide to Free Gambling Vacations. This remarkable work really separates Max Rubin from other notable characters within the sphere of the game in that it teaches players how to take advantage of casino comps. Building on Rubin's extensive experience as a pit boss, casino manager and dealer, the book guides players on clever ways of making a profit from casinos without the need for complicated strategies which require skill and practice (like card counting). Instead, players are taught how to take advantage of weaknesses within the casinos' comp systems to be showered with free drinks and food, free accommodation and free travel by giving casinos the false illusion that they are playing it big at the tables.

However, there is much more to Rubin than just that! Beyond the clever ideas presented in this book, he also takes many other key roles within the industry. Rubin is the host of the yearly Blackjack Ball. This is an event for the very best blackjack players and one cannot get in without an invitation. As if the event was not exclusive enough already, players who are invited must also bring with them a bottle of the best champagne to be allowed in. At this event, the players compete with one another and the winner is declared the "World's Greatest Blackjack Player". Those who have been invited also vote on whom they consider should be allowed to become a part of the Blackjack Hall of Fame next, and the winner of the vote is handed this enormous honor.

In addition to this, Rubin takes the stage in many gaming and marketing events. He also happens to be a consultant for a range of casinos, including the tremendously prestigious and world famous casino The Mirage. His fame and players' admiration for him has won him appearances on a huge amount of popular TV-shows, including shows on CBS, Travel Channel and Discovery Channel.

Mr Rubin is very much active today. He has his own site where he has a long list of prices for a range of services. If you can afford it, you are guaranteed an amazing night out with this incredibly light-hearted and humorous man. In his world, everything is carried out with a large dose of humor! Better yet - you will be taught some unforgettable skills which will definitely give you a return on your investment, even if you are forced to treat him to lunch at the most expensive restaurant in Las Vegas.

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