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Perfect Pairs is the most popular type of blackjack game that offers an extra side bet in addition to the regular blackjack game. It is very popular in London and Macau casinos and the Australians also tend to be big fans of the game in addition to Europeans and Asians.

Online players can access this game in online casinos powered with software by Microgaming, Cryptologic, Realtime Gaming and Vegas Technology, although its popularity is on the rise so there is a good chance that other operators will soon add it to their selection of games.

Perfect Pairs Rules

Perfect Pairs Blackjack is based on Vegas Strip Blackjack rules or European Blackjack rules. The only difference is that it incorporates a side bet and can be played using 2 decks up to 8 decks of cards. In fact the Perfect Pairs side bet can in theory be added to any blackjack variant without the need to alter the rules of the game.

The side bet is made on getting a pair with the two cards that are initially dealt. The bet is made before any cards are dealt. There are two betting areas on the table; one where the player makes their blackjack bet and the other area is marked “perfect pairs” and is designated for the side bet.

The amount of the side bet does not have to equate the size bet made for the regular blackjack game. However it does have to meet the table minimum and maximum bet restriction.

The Perfect Pair bet is paid right after the initial deal before any standard blackjack moves such as Hit, Split or Double Down are allowed to happen.

Types of Pairs

There are different types of pairs that warrant a payout:

Perfect Pair – two identical cards (like two 9’s of hearts or two Queens of Spades)

Colored Pair – two identical cards of the same rank and color (like 9 of hearts and 9 of diamonds)

Red/Black Pair – two cards of an equal rank (like 10 of diamonds and 10 of spades)

Perfect Pairs Blackjack Odds

When playing standard 8 decks Perfect Pairs Blackjack these tend to be the odds. They may vary a bit from casino to casino so you are always advised to check before playing.

Pair Payout No. of Combinations Probability
Perfect Pair 25:1 1456 1.6867%
Colored Pair 12:1 1664 1.9277%
Red/Black Pair 6:1 3328 3.8554%
No Pair -1 79872 92.5301%
Total 86320 100%

There are some casinos that payout 30:1 on Perfect Pairs and 15:1 on Colored Pairs. It is always wise to check the payouts and odds in the casino you select to play at.

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