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Your mind might make its first stop at a certain A-list cartoon character when you hear the name 'Peter Griffin' being spoken of, but this article is about someone entirely different. This article is about Peter A. Griffin; one of the most influential people in the entire history of blackjack.

This particular Griffin was born in New Jersey in the year 1937. He grew up in a family of three children, with a brother and a sister. In his early days, he was constantly on the move and made a home in several different states before he even reached majority. By the time he went to university, he had already lived in Williamsport, Chicago, Oregon and Pennsylvania. Griffin received a Master's degree from the University of California at Davis after having studied at Portland State University for a number of years.

All of the moving about came to an end when Griffin was offered a teaching job at California State University in 1965. Griffin taught students mathematics (statistics, differential equations and calculus). This is perhaps the most remarkable part of the story of Griffin's tremendous success; that Griffin was a mathematician rather than a professional blackjack player.

Griffin's road to international acclaim began with a simple idea he had in 1970. He decided to teach students a course on gambling statistics. He then travelled to Las Vegas to get all of the relevant information on the topic. Whilst visiting this exciting hub of neon lights and vices, Griffin was quite surprised to realise that he was becoming quite fond of the game.

But how did Griffin get from a mere fondness of a game he just had discovered to being forever classified as a blackjack legend? Well, it all comes down to mathematics. Griffin came to the conclusion that all blackjack systems have one thing in common; they all come down to two important parameters. One of these is playing efficiency and the other is betting correlation. He also managed to very accurately analyse a range of card counting tactics.

All of these ideas and findings came together in Griffin's most prominent work, The Theory of Blackjack: The Complete Card Counter's Guide to the Casino Game of 21. This book outlines complex concepts and ideas, such as betting correlation, proportional wagering and playing efficiency. The book covers a range of card counting systems and gives a very detailed account of basic blackjack strategy. The fact that this book has stood the test of time shows a huge amount about Griffin's contribution to the industry. His work is nothing short of revolutionary.

Griffin was actually one of the very first people who managed to work out the percentage disadvantage of the average blackjack player. He came to the figure 2%. His ideas and studies were undoubtedly an inspiration for a considerable number of future blackjack enthusiasts and professionals.

However, Griffin's love of blackjack never outshone his love of teaching, which he did not give up for a second during his 61 years on the planet. Sadly, Griffin developed prostate cancer and passed away in October 1998, five years before becoming immortalised in the insanely exclusive Blackjack Hall of Fame. Despite having passed away, this enormous achievement in itself will guarantee that Griffin's name will never be forgotten - despite the name often being confused with a popular cartoon character!

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