The Difference between Regular Blackjack and Tournament Blackjack

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Playing blackjack offers players an experience that is both exciting and challenging. Challenging because skill plays a big part in determining who in the long-run will end up becoming a blackjack winner and who will end up as a blackjack loser.

However there are some blackjack players out there that seek an even greater level of challenge and thrill than the challenge and thrill provided when playing blackjack against the casino. Luckily for these players both brick and mortar casinos and online casinos provide players with the option of playing blackjack tournaments.

Blackjack Tournaments – How it Works

A blackjack tournament will begin play on several blackjack tables and all the participating players will start the tournament with an equally valued bankroll.

Players pay a fee to participate in the tournament and their bankroll is merely a representation of the fee they paid. For example the tournament fee can be $100 but all players will receive 1000 chips to play with. Under such conditions the maximum amount that the player can lose when playing the tournament is the $100 fee they paid. Unlike regular blackjack where every hand played wins or loses the player some actual money.

The tournament progresses in rounds and during each round all the players will be allowed to play for the same fixed allocated time or allowed to play for the same number of hands (depending on the tournament structure).

At the end of the allocated time or number of hands, the player with the biggest bankroll is declared the winner at the table they were playing. The winner from each table will progress to the next stage of the tournament.

All remaining players continue for another round of play and the process repeats itself until there is only one player left in the game. This player is declared the winner and wins a top cash prize that was predetermined before any blackjack playing even took place.

In some blackjack tournaments the process of elimination affects only the player with the lowest bankroll, while all other players proceed to the next round. Such a structure will create a tournament that will run for longer, unless the number of participating players is very low.

Things to Consider Prior to Joining a Blackjack Tournament

Many blackjack tournaments are only open to either loyal players or high rollers. However there are many blackjack tournaments online that are open to everybody. The question you need to ask yourself is do you have enough blackjack skills to compete?

Allocate enough time to play the whole duration of the tournament. It would be a shame to be doing well in a tournament and have to stop playing due to some other engagement and not be able to play it all the way to the end and maybe even win it.

Each tournament has its own set of rules regarding the type of blackjack played and the rules that govern the process of the tournament. You would be wise to check those in advance so you do not end up playing some blackjack variation you are not familiar with.

Try to find free blackjack tournaments. Even if you are confident in your blackjack skills, it won’t hurt to put yourself in a tournament environment to see how you respond to such a style of playing. Alternatively look for promotional tournaments that the casino is holding as a way of promoting itself. Sometimes these tournaments have very low entry fees.

Before joining a tournament try to compare the fee that is offered to the potential prize. If the fee is $10 and the top prize is only $100, you might not want to spend hours battling many players for such a low payout.

In Conclusion

Blackjack tournaments are a great way of enjoying the game. They provide a thrill that is unmatched by only playing blackjack against the dealer and they enable you to test their blackjack skills against other players so you can improve your game.

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