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Books are a great educational tool that can provide you with extensive information about a particular subject. Sadly the internet revolution has made many people abandon book reading in favor of getting instant access to small chunks of information using online resources.

The use of the internet as a source of information is great but many times people, who are interested in receiving more detailed and profound info, find that the internet can sometimes come up short in providing all the information required.

Our website offers all the educational tools new players require in order to master the game of blackjack, while offering experienced players advanced strategies and tips that can improve their play and increase their chances for success.

However for those who seek an even greater understanding of the game and the complex mathematics that govern it, there are blackjack books that were written by accomplished mathematician and successful professional players. Below is out Top 10 Blackjack Books:

Beat the Dealer by Edward O. Thorp

The best seller published over forty years ago and describes Thorp’s playing strategy, card counting system and details of the computerized tests he made on his card counting system using the MIT supercomputer. This book was the first to scientifically prove that card counting works to change the house edge and shift the odds in the player’s favor.

Million Dollar Blackjack by Ken Uston

Published over 20 years ago but is still considered a classic book written by one of the best blackjack players and card counters that ever lived. The book offers five levels of strategic blackjack play from beginner to professional, all based on Uston's Advanced Point Count system. In addition the book details the exciting life of a professional blackjack player and tells loads of stories from the road.

Blackbelt in Blackjack by Arnold Snyder

A great book for beginners that offers many tips and tricks that help new players set out good playing strategies. The book offers an A to Z of card counting techniques and offers tools that will help master them. In addition the book details techniques that help card counters avoid detection. This book is perfect for any beginner up to intermediate level card counters.

Playing Blackjack as a Business by Lawrence Revere

The best book on blackjack at the time of its publication. It has since dated a bit, but is still a compelling read for anyone who wishes to master the game. The book clearly explains the mathematics behind basic blackjack playing strategy. It offers color coded strategy tables that help the memorization process and offers three different counting systems.

Professional Blackjack by Stanford Wong

One of the bestselling books ever written about blackjack that offers card counting information for every level, from simple to expert. The book details counting strategy for every blackjack rule variations in a clear and concise way, and include many unusual rule variations. It offers statistical analysis of the game and is recommended for players with some blackjack experience.

Theory of Blackjack by Peter Griffin

One of the best books on blackjack written by one of the of the greatest blackjack game analyzers. Although written over twenty years ago, it is still considered one of the most profound books as far as mathematical analysis of the game is concerned. This book is not recommended for those who hate math or for casual players who are not too concerned with getting to grips with the mathematics of the game.

Blackjack Attack by Don Schlesinger

This book is written by one of the less known blackjack strategists but one who is highly respected in blackjack circles. Before reading this book readers should have a firm grasp of basic blackjack strategy and is recommended to any player who is serious about card counting.

Burning the Tables in Las Vegas by Ian Andersen

This book is the follow up book to his 1970s Turning the Tables in Las Vegas. The book mainly deals with how to avoid detection by casino staff while card counting. It offers many ideas for camouflaging players and players’ activity. Andersen is a secretive person and little is known about him, except that he holds several PhD’s and that he was a successful stock market speculator.

The World Greatest Blackjack Book by Lance Humble

Published over twenty years ago it is still one of the best books on High-Opt I and High-Opt II card counting strategies. It also includes a lot of details on more complicated card counting techniques. This book is suitable for beginners and more advanced players who are advised to skip the first part and head straight to the more complex card counting systems.

Blackjack Blueprint by Rick Blaine

A comprehensive book recommended for every player that is interested in familiarizing themselves with every aspect of the game. The book includes explanations of basic strategy, card counting techniques, team play methods, shuffle tracking, blackjack tournaments and cheating at blackjack. The book is written in a coherent and non-technical way and is ideal for intermediate players.

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