Top 10 Blackjack Tournaments Tips

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Blackjack tournaments are ideal for blackjack players that want to experience a more thrilling and challenging blackjack experience. However, many players go into them unprepared for the challenge. This is why we decided to provide some key tips for blackjack players wishing to enter the exhilarating world of blackjack tournaments.

  1. Assess your level of blackjack playing before enrolling for any expensive blackjack tournament. You can do so by setting yourself a personal blackjack challenge. For example you can decide to play blackjack for two hours at a low stakes table with a very small bankroll and see how long you last.
  2. Before signing up for a tournament, make sure you have enough time to play. If you do well and progress to the latter stages of the event you will need more time to play. Calculate your total playing time in advance is if you were sure you will play the tournament until it finishes.
  3. Always read the tournament rules before signing up. There are many different types of blackjack games, each type with a different set of rules. It would be a shame to start playing a tournament just to discover it is played on a blackjack version you are less familiar with or one that you do not like.
  4. Assess the cost of the tournament in relation to the payout offered to the winners. There needs to be a correlation between how much money you invest and the potential return. It is pointless paying $10 to play a tournament that only offers $100 to the top winner but allows for up to 50 participants.
  5. Do not play too aggressively when you are leading. Conserve your bankroll as you will need it if some hands don’t go your way. Remember that you need to play strategically and always take into account the situations of other players around the table. Decide on the level of your bets based on how other players are doing.
  6. Many blackjack tournaments only pay the top finishers so make an effort to last as long as possible even if you do not think you have a chance of winning. The number of players paid often depends on the total number of players participating in the tournament. Usually the more players play, the more money there is in the prize pool, the greater the number of players being paid.
  7. Some players feel that the best blackjack tournament strategy is to bet in an opposite style to the betting style of most of the table. So if most players around you play aggressively and make large bets, you need to take a step back and bet low and vice versa. This strategy can work very well when you lag behind are other players.
  8. If you find yourself with a depleting bankroll and you know round is nearing its end, get in touch with your strong side and bet as aggressively as possible. Remember that there is no point in having some bankroll left if you do not get to progress to the next round. Your bankroll is worthless and only the top finishers get paid.
  9. Try to play as many blackjack tournament freerolls. Most online casinos have promotional freerolls that they offer their players from time to time. The prize pool is usually not very big but since it costs you nothing to participate it can be worth your time. However the main reason to enter freerolls is to gain experience and be able to practice your tournament playing skills without risking any of your hard earned cash.
  10. Remember that when you play a blackjack tournament you are not just playing against the dealer, you are competing opposite other players and some of those players might play in a very aggressive way. Do not get intimidated by that and do your best to develop your own aggressive style of playing as you will undoubtedly need it at some point of the tournament.

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