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Even if we love to travel, many of us dread the boredom that consumes us when flying for hours to reach our destination. However, it looks like blackjack players may be in luck as some airlines are exploring the possibility of bringing the popular game on board as in-flight entertainment.

One such company exploring the idea of having the game on flights is Air Jet Designs and Designscence. The two-man team, Jean Pierre Alfano and Frederiqu Houssard, has designed a Casino Jet Lounge that combines a bar and a casino which can be added to a plane. The designers aim is to bring back the glamour that flying once had in the 1950s and 1960s.

According to the company, “This innovative concept features a blackjack table in a bar/lounge area that gives First, Business and VIP passengers the ability to stretch their feet in style, gamble and socialize during their trip. The Casino Jet Lounge bridges the gap between commercial and private aviation by giving airlines a VIP-type concept with revenue generating potential and cost-effective solutions.”

The concept of gambling during flights is not new. In the early 1980s, Singapore Airlines featured slot machines on flights from San Francisco to Singapore. In the 1990s, Swissair had gambling software games including blackjack, poker and keno available for passengers to play until the software was blamed for causing a plane to crash. Other airlines, including Virgin America, have also considered having a gambling feature on board but have yet to have it materialize.

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Blackjack News

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